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Chicago – The Hidden Shamrock


The Hidden Shamrock was a much fancier of an Irish bar than I initially thought it would be. I am used to the hole in the wall Irish bars in Savannah, so I really have not been to very many upscale / modern Irish bars. The atmosphere was a clean pub setting with a fireplace, long bar and plenty of cozy chairs. There looked to be another section in the back for restaurant seating, but I did not venture back there. I came in for an Irish coffee since it was cold and rainy in Chicago and I still had…
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Two Brothers Brewing – Peppermint Bark Porter


Two Brothers Brewing Co is a brewery that is based about an hour outside of Chicago. This is a brewery that is owned by two brothers (go figure) and has been around for a long time in the craft brewery world since they were founded in 1996. I was actually in Chicago this year for Christmas because two of my friends were going to a wedding where the reception was being held at Two Brothers. They had a lot of fun at this reception and brought back a couple of growlers from this event. When I got back to Florida…
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Engine 15 – Nut Sack Double Brown Ale


I am very fond of Browns and this one is quite fun to order in a bar. You will also see this beer referred to as the Nut Sack Imperial Brown Ale, but at 7% ABV, it is a bit on the low end for what you typically see in an imperial. This beer comes out of Engine 15, a Jacksonville Beach brewery, which interestingly enough started off as a spot for home brewers to go to brew their beer on premise. The term imperial was originally used for beer that was brewed within England in the 1800’s and then shipped…
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‘Best of’ by for Florida Beers and Breweries for 2012-2013


Ratebeer puts out a Top/Best of lists for each year right about a month after the year ends. In order to prepare for the upcoming list for 2014 and keep this blog up to date, here are RateBeer’s best Florida craft beers and breweries from a year ago as well as 2012 as a comparison. This list is international and is culled from millions of ratings, so for Florida to even show up is an honor and a credit to our industry. Ratings are compiled from active reviews over the last 12 months for that year and include 240,000 beers from over 16,000…
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Best Bar Toasts


A good portion of the time I am at the bar with a group of my friends, it is because we are celebrating something. Usually in this celebration you want to say something inspiring or funny or both. For those people like me who are terrible at being creative, this my list of bar toasts that I like to use. General Bar Toasts Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and a honest one. A cold pint — and another one! -An Irish Toast Here’s to women’s kisses and to…
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9 Amazing Floridian Hefeweizen Beer Cocktails


I am convinced that 2015 will be the year of the beer cocktails. It seems like such a natural combination. Why bother using boring soda for a mixer when you can instead use a delicious craft beer. As someone that is also a huge liquor fan, the beer cocktail makes me very happy. Funky Buddha has some remarkable beers, but until Dec 10, 2014, these were only available in their tap room bars with their beer on tap. As of now, Floridian Hefeweizen ($9.99 6 pack) and Hop Gun India Pale Ale ($10.99 6 pack) will be available in South…
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