A Peep Into The History of IPA

India Pale Ale

We all know that many of us like to have beers. Not many of us actually know the history behind these. Each style of beer that is available in the market today has a story to tell. Each one will be peculiar and special in its own way. I am giving you a peep into the history of the India Pale Ale which is most commonly known as the IPA.

As far as history goes, the IPA was originally created in the seventeenth century. The British were ruling over most parts of the world and it was the same in India. The British people were very fond of beer and since they had people stationed in India, they used to send beer bottles to all the locations. The transportation had to face two main challenges.

One was the lack of refrigerators that can keep the beer cold and the other was the time it took to transport the beer from Britain to India. So, in order to preserve the beer, the British added alcohol and hops to the beer and then started transporting it. Hops are dried flowers from the hop plant which can act as a preservative and also give the bitter taste to beer. The end result was beer that had a bit of alcohol and bitterness which was later named as India Pale Ale.

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  1. den

    I didn’t know that there was such a story behind IPA. There are so many styles now and wonder what would be the story behind each of them.


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