About Me

Thanks for being here! I am really excited about this new site. I have been living in Florida for the last 20 years and I have really gotten into the craft beer world in the last 3 years. My new fiancée works in the Florida craft beer industry, so much of our travel the last couple of years has been focused on visiting breweries and trying out new beers. This blog will give me a purpose to the pleasure of checking out these locations first hand. I am already there taking pictures and doing tours, might as well write about it as well.

Craft beer in Florida has really grown over the last 5-10 years with new breweries opening up every month. Florida is really starting to no longer be a craft beer wasteland and instead more of a paradise. We have some breweries that are nationally known and some beer releases that other states would kill for. Not all cities have kept pace, but it is no longer uncommon for most bars to have at least 15-20 taps now. Fine dining with the food paired with beer instead of wine, though not common, is something that can be found and enjoyed now.

In addition to all my local brewery travels I also spend a good bit of time traveling within the US and whenever possible we visit any breweries that are nearby. A lot of our travel plans are actually based off what breweries we can hit within that state.

Feel free to contact me and I hope you enjoy the site!