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‘Best of’ by for Florida Beers and Breweries for 2012-2013


Ratebeer puts out a Top/Best of lists for each year right about a month after the year ends. In order to prepare for the upcoming list for 2014 and keep this blog up to date, here are RateBeer’s best Florida craft beers and breweries from a year ago as well as 2012 as a comparison. This list is international and is culled from millions of ratings, so for Florida to even show up is an honor and a credit to our industry. Ratings are compiled from active reviews over the last 12 months for that year and include 240,000 beers from over 16,000…
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A Peep Into The History of IPA

India Pale Ale

We all know that many of us like to have beers. Not many of us actually know the history behind these. Each style of beer that is available in the market today has a story to tell. Each one will be peculiar and special in its own way. I am giving you a peep into the history of the India Pale Ale which is most commonly known as the IPA. As far as history goes, the IPA was originally created in the seventeenth century. The British were ruling over most parts of the world and it was the same in…
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Delta Serving Craft Beer on Flights


In another exciting development for the lovers of craft beer, Delta is now offering 7 regional craft beers on their American regional flights. This is a continuation of their effort to serve regional offerings on their flights. One of my favorite things is having a beer at a bar in the terminal. I find this a great ritual to signal the start of a trip. I can not wait to add a beer before landing to this ritual. Delta Beer List Ballast Point Brewing Company (San Diego) Blue Point Brewing Company (Long Island, NY) Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY) Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma,…
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Chill With The Best Craft Beers In The Industry

Chill With The Best Craft Beers

Craft beers are also called as exceptional handmade brews due to the high quality that is maintained in this type of beers. As there is so much of demand, more and more craft breweries are coming up in all parts of the world. The trend is only on the upper side and there is not looking back. As there is so many breweries that are making craft beers, it is not easy to identify the best among them. Here are some of the best American craft beer that is available. Allagash’s Curieux The Allagash’s Curieux is an annual edition that…
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