Chicago – The Hidden Shamrock

Hidden ShamrockIMG_6214The Hidden Shamrock was a much fancier of an Irish bar than I initially thought it would be. I am used to the hole in the wall Irish bars in Savannah, so I really have not been to very many upscale / modern Irish bars. The atmosphere was a clean pub setting with a fireplace, long bar and plenty of cozy chairs. There looked to be another section in the back for restaurant seating, but I did not venture back there.

I came in for an Irish coffee since it was cold and rainy in Chicago and I still had more cloth shopping to do with the fiancee and I needed a pick me up. Bartender gave us immediate attention and seemed happy to make my Irish coffee. It was made with Jameson, coffee poured over a sugar cube and Bailey’s whipped cream. Hot and creamy and warned me up instantly. You could really taste the Jameson in the drink but the addition of the Bailey’s cream gave it an almost dessert quality. Fiancee got a Bram Stoker which was Milagro silver, Aperol blood orange, agave and Red jalapeno. It was a joy to watch be made and had just enough heat to it to not be over powering but hot enough to get the flavor of the jalapeno. Bartender had a nice focus on detail.

One of the best scottish eggs I have ever had!

One of the best scottish eggs I have ever had!

We also ordered appetizers which were incredibly priced and quick. My scotch egg was one of the best I have had with a nice runny yolk you don’t always see. Breading was crispy and sausage was spicy. For $5 it was a steal. Crispy pork shoulder for $6 was equally valued. Got a hefty serving and tasted like a less fatty pork belly. This was also delicious.


Nice amount of pork shoulder for $6

20 drafts on tap and 6 bottle coolers. Draft choices were well thought out. Deal to try all 20 drafts for 45 was offered which sounded like an amazing challenge. Lots of nice specials every day. 25 cent wings on Monday is something I haven’t seen since high school.

After I finished off my Irish coffee and had warmed up I decided to go with the Smithwick Irish ale. I was in an Irish bar after all. This was a good Irish Red Ale which I quickly finished off, paid our bill and I was back to shopping.

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