Engine 15 – Nut Sack Double Brown Ale

Nut-Sack-Imperial-Brown-Ale_6243I am very fond of Browns and this one is quite fun to order in a bar. You will also see this beer referred to as the Nut Sack Imperial Brown Ale, but at 7% ABV, it is a bit on the low end for what you typically see in an imperial. This beer comes out of Engine 15, a Jacksonville Beach brewery, which interestingly enough started off as a spot for home brewers to go to brew their beer on premise.

The term imperial was originally used for beer that was brewed within England in the 1800’s and then shipped to the imperial court of Russia. It later became used as a term to indicate a brewers high class beers.

Within the American craft brewers, the term imperial is an indication that this will be a high flavor / alcohol beer. A lot of the flavoring ingredients are doubled or tripled (usually the hops and malts) during brewing and the resulting beer tend to range from 8% – 12% ABV.

I got this as a draft that poured a dark brown with a small head that was an off white creamy color. Light toasted malt and nut aroma. Soft carbonation with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. A bit more powerful tasting of a brown with a sweet flavor and sweet finish. Not as strong tasting as I expected from an imperial but a double brown ale seemed to be an apt description. Taste stayed on the tongue for a moderate amount of time, not overwhelming but not gone immediately either.  The amount of sweetness would make it difficult to have more than one of these in a sitting. ABV is a little higher at 7% than your average draft but it does not come off boozy.

Overall I really enjoyed this brown and would order again.

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