Finding The Right Craft Beer For You Using Style Finder

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Finding the right craft beer may be pretty challenging. There are a lot of ways in which you can find the right one for you; the main parameters being the color, bitterness and the amount of alcohol in it. There are various online websites which can help you in identifying the craft beer for you if you can give your preferences in these three categories. This is the simplest way in which you can choose your style and then try it at a pub or bar and figure out if you like it or not.


The color is also an important factor when it comes to deciding what you like the most. Some people prefer to have some light colors whereas the others would like to hold a glass with dark colors. The color preference depends entirely on the individual and the mood that he or she is in. Let us assume that you like to have medium level of bitterness and alcohol. Then, if you have a liking towards lighter shades, Belgian Style Blonde Ale and Fruit Lambic, Berliner Style Weisse is some of the styles that might impress you. If you are looking for dark and bolder shades, American Stouts and Imperial Porter, Baltic Style Porter is some of the best that you can get.


Bitterness is what makes the craft beer what it is. Beer has to be bitter. The amount of bitterness depends on the likings of each person. Some like it very bitter whereas some prefer a little bit of sweetness in it as well. Assuming that a medium color and alcohol content is liked by you, if you like to go with low bitterness, then, American Sour, Barrel Aged, Rye and Gluten Free are the choices that will impress you. If you are looking for a high bitterness, then American Imperial Red Ale and Imperial India Pale Ale are the only options that you can have.


The amount of alcohol content in any craft beer is measured using the ABV as a standard. ABV is the alcohol by volume which is nothing but the percentage of alcohol that is present in that type of beer. Again, let us assume that you are willing to have the color and bitterness at medium levels, then, if you like to have beer with less amounts of alcohol content, English Style Bitter, English Style Mild and Smoke Beer will be your options. If you prefer higher alcohol content, American Style Wheat Wine Ale, British Style Barley Wine Ale and Specialty beer would be the perfect one’s for you.

It is not only these three main categories that can be used to find your beer style. The different flavors that are available can also be altered to get craft beer of your choice. Hoppy, Spicy, Floral, Fruity, Chocolate, Malty are some of the many options that you will have.

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