Five Tips To Deciphering Craft Beer Styles

Deciphering Craft Beer Styles

Generally, it is not easy to find out the style of craft beer by just hearing the name. With so many styles and fancy names, any new craft beer drinker would be anything but confused as to which beer would be the right one for them. Here are the top five tips to deciphering the craft beer styles that would help you in deciding which craft beer would be suitable for you.

· Origin matters: The origin of any craft beer would be able to give you a hint as to what to expect out of it. Each country makes craft beers that would suit the needs and liking of the locals and hence each one has a different style. They may all look similar, but each one is unique in its own way.

· Color: The color of the beer is one of the key components that can make you judge about the style. Light or pale colored beers are often associated with grainy, bread like taste that you can find in Blonde Ales and Belgian style wit whereas dark colors are associated with burnt, dark chocolate taste that you can get when drinking dry stout or American black ale.

· Special ingredients: The role of special ingredients also makes a difference to the taste of beer. Chocolate, coffee, fruits and spices are some that you need to look out for.

· Yeast: The type of yeast used has an impact on the final beer product. Ales are those that are fermented in warm temperatures and lagers are those that are fermented in cooler temperatures. Each can give a different taste to the beer. To add on to this, these are different types of yeast that can be used, each one contributing for a different final taste.

· Three V’s: The vessel that is being used to store the beer, the vintage meaning the year it was produced and the volume which is the quantity are all key factors that will make a difference to the taste of the beer that reaches your hands.

Knowing about all these five factors would enable you to judge the taste of the craft beer. You may not be able to make the right guesses in your initial attempts. Once you familiarize yourself with the styles, then you can become an expert at it.

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