List of Beer Blogs

I follow a lot of beer blogs, the following are my favorite ones. A lot of them are specific to Florida (since that tends to be the events / beers I can check out locally) but most of them also include general / national beer information. I would suggest checking them all out and adding your favorites to either your bookmark or your RSS reader.

Beer Apostle
Jacksonville native that updates regularly as well as writes columns for some local papers, so, this guy knows his stuff.

Beer for the Daddy
Tampa Bay native with an additional focus on Florida home brewing.

Beer in Florida
Love this site. Tons of information and daily content updates on what is going on with beer in florida.

Beers and Ears
Derived from twitter tweets, a round table of Disney fans who also love beer.

Daily Beer Review
Not quite daily but pretty damn close. The beer reviews tend to be for some really interesting beers that get me wanting to immediately go out to the bars. In depth and gives you some great ideas for new beers to try.

Florida Beer News
If you want to stay up to date on Florida Beer News … like the URL says … this is your place. Lots of constant updates if you want to stay abreast of what is happening.

Jax Brew Bitch
Another Jacksonville beer blog. Lots of information is specific to Jacksonville bar news. Writer of this website has actually opened up her own craft beer and wine bar within the King Street District with another location opening up soon.

Lakeland Craft Beer
Lots of beer information in general as well as information specific to Lakeland.

MicroBrews USA
Tampa Bay local writing about her experience in craft beer.

Mike Loves Beer
Beer lover writing about his love of beer.

Orlando Beer Guide
Guide on the latest in Orlando Beer.

Party Through the Parks
It’s Florida, as such, this website is indispensable. Guide to best places and prices to enjoy a beer and cocktail in our numerous theme parks.

Pensacola Beer
A brother team in Pensacola writing about their beer scene. Well written and lots of constant updates.

Tampa Bay Beer Syndicate

The Jax Beer Guy
Great blog. Posts are well written and there are a lot of them. Lots of Jacksonville, Florida and general beer information. His main blog is on a sublink from his site and might be a little hard to find. If you can not find the link, use this.

United We Drink
Beer show! Lots of videos and content to go through.

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