Role Of Cheese In Craft Beers

Role Of Cheese In Craft Beers

There are so many types of additions that you can make to craft beers so that you can get a different taste in your tongue. One of those is the adding of cheese as a taste changing ingredient that has been liked by many. There are many types of cheese that can be used in beers and hence these beers are classified based on the type that is used in them. Here are the details about which type of cheese goes into which craft beer.

Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is what we use at home. Cheese that is soft and tender is said to be called by the ‘fresh’ term. This can give a nice smooth texture to the beer in addition to the taste that it can add on. This type of cheers pair up well with wheat and lambic style beers.

Semi Fresh Cheese

This is the type of cheese that is not so soft like the fresh cheese and not as hard as the hard cheese. These can add on a different flavor to your craft beer. The pairing should be made in such a way that the strengths are matched.

Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses are those which can be elastic at room temperature and hard at other times. These can blend very well and are a part of Pilsner, Bock, Brown Ale and Imperial Stout.

Blue Cheese

As the name indicates, the cheeses that have visible blue or green veining fall under this category. These cheeses can have a taste that is mild or assertive. Since these have a very strong flavor, they can be paired up with strong flavored beers like the India Pale Ale and Imperial IPA.

Natural Rind Cheese

Natural rind cheeses are those that develop rinds due to ageing. The best pairing of this type of cheese would be with the Golden or Blonde Ales.

Washed Rind Cheese

Washed Rind cheese is nothing but the natural rind cheese that is washed with wine, brine, spirits or even beer. This pungent cheese adds on to the strong taste and also makes the beer creamy. The Belgian style Ales are the best pairing that can be done with this type of cheese.

Since craft beers are ‘crafted’ beers, there are so many types and styles that you can find. You have to try the different styles in the pubs and bars in order to choose the right one for you.

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