Two Brothers Brewing – Peppermint Bark Porter

two-brothers-logoTwo Brothers Brewing Co is a brewery that is based about an hour outside of Chicago. This is a brewery that is owned by two brothers (go figure) and has been around for a long time in the craft brewery world since they were founded in 1996. I was actually in Chicago this year for Christmas because two of my friends were going to a wedding where the reception was being held at Two Brothers. They had a lot of fun at this reception and brought back a couple of growlers from this event.

When I got back to Florida I saw that my local bar had Two Brother’s Peppermint Bark Porter on tap and I had to try it to honor my memory of Christmas in Chicago. The beer did not pair well with the pizza I was eating, but that was hardly the fault of the beer.



Brewer: Two Brothers Brewing
Beer: Peppermint Bark Porter
Style: Porter
ABV: 6.7%   IBU: 32
Container: 16 oz. pint
Price: $6.50   Point of Purchase: Dahlia’s Pour House, Jacksonville, FL
Look: Pours thin and dark. Head was think and a light caramel.
Smell: First sniff is just a bit of peppermint. Second sniff, it has the porter-like chocolatey smell.
Taste: It has a subtle peppermint taste without being over whelming. I originally expected a much more pronounced peppermint taste from the name but after I got over my initial expectation, I prefer this level. It really lives up to its name when I realized this was a Peppermint Bark Porter instead of just a Peppermint Porter. Peppermint combined with the chocolate of this porter really gave you a feeling of having just bit into a nice Christmas peppermint bark chocolate. Rest of the porter is fairly light bodied. Peppermint does not overwhelm the base porter taste either.
Aftertaste: Slight alcohol aftertaste. Consistency is pretty thin and does not last on the tongue long. Aftertaste semi sticks to the back of your throat.
Boozy Factor: You know it is there, but, it is not overwhelming.
Rating: 7/10 – This is a porter that I keep on coming back to.

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