Warm Yourself With Top Winter Craft Beers

Winter is that time of the year when most of us are preparing for the holidays or helping each other in making the Christmas celebrations of this year be the best for many years to come. One of the most important things about winter is that you have to keep yourself warm and make sure that you are not under the weather during the festival time. What other way can you find than some bottle of beers and a bunch of friends? Here are some of the best craft beer picks for you to have fun during winter.

· Troegs Mad Elf is one of my favorites that many vote for and hence is the first one in my list. It has a Belgian fruit style and an eleven percent alcohol value when compared to the fifteen bitterness quotient. The taste has a mix of honey sweet and sour cherries. The presence of chocolate malt is like an icing on the cake.

· 21st Amendment Fireside Chat is the next craft beer in my list. As the name indicates, this is manufactured by the 21st Amendment brewery. This style has the typical winter spiced ale flavour that is most suitable in the winters. The alcohol value stands at a little less than eight percent while the bitterness is quite high at 45. The basic taste is like English style ale. The flavors of cocoa and spices adds up to the taste.

· Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is what comes to the mind of many when we talk about winter beers. The main style in this is the imperial stout. The alcohol value at ten percent and the bitterness quotient at fifty one make this less sweet and much more intense. This beer contains some wheat and special roasted malts.

· Southern Tier 2Xmas has a double spiced ale style and has about eight percent alcohol value. The special additions to the flavor of figs, orange peels, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves gives such a unique taste to this beer.

· Anchor Christmas is the last one that has made it to the top list of craft beers for the winters. The style that is associated with this is a winter warmer. The alcohol value is pretty less when compared to the other styles listed here; it is at less than six percent. The speciality of this is that every year a different beer is available that will makes us wait to see what comes up each year.

Do you like any style that is not mentioned in this list? Give me the names and we will see if the list can change in the days or years to come.

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